How to Lose Weight Safely

How to Lose Weight Safely



First, you must understand that you did not gain all your weight overnight, so losing those extra pounds is not going to happen immediately as well.  How to lose weight safely is not just about cutting out certain foods that you eat.  And, even though this is probably a good solution for most people, it is not exactly the safest.

The main reason for this is some foods eaten in moderation are still healthy for you.  Without some of the good carbohydrates and calories that are needed to sustain energy throughout the day, you could actually put your overall health at risk by reducing them drastically.  Consider the people that you know or have heard about that went on those so called “Crash Diets”.  Some of them may have lost the weight, but think of the pressure that they put on their bodies by starving themselves.



Also, the number one problem with the so called crash diets is the immediate gain in weight after getting off the diet.  This is where a person who was on the crash diet will start tearing down their bodies vital organs.  This is also called the “Yo-Yo effect or the bouncing diet.  The on again, off again, effect from crash diets will create long term health consequences as you strain and put additional pressure on your bodies organs to adjust to changes in your physical appearance.

Crash dieting is not the answer you need in how to lose weight safely.  Think about this as well; when you drastically cut out your caloric intake below recommend levels.  Your body still needs energy to survive, so where does that energy source come from?  That’s right, your excess fat.  Now, that sounds great and that’s what people want to know and hear about.

The problem that exists with this is that the body will digest the fat.  What most people don’t realize though, fat burning takes a lot of energy.  Since they are on a crash diet, they have reduced the energy in their bodies which is needed to facilitate the metabolism of fat.  Simply put, your body will function at a slower pace which causes, stress, fatigue, increased chances of illness, and the worst of all, a very weak immune system.

People don’t realize it because they cannot see what is happening on the inside of their bodies.  But, when your immune system is weakened, it has a total effect on your body’s organs.  These include the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and so forth.  It may not effect them instantly, but the damage to your organs could show up later in life.

So, how to lose weight safely is not by depriving or starving yourself or your body of much needed nutrients found in some carbohydrates and calories.  How to lose weight safely is not found in pills or over the counter drugs which also can cause harmful long term health consequences.

A program on how to lose weight safely should be designed and approved by a doctor.  The weight loss program should not require any stimulants or starvation diet.  How to lose weight safely programs should also concentrate on the overall health of each person wanting to lose weight and not just about the weight loss itself.

To your weight loss success with a doctor approved program,

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